Court order in BfP and BRPA vs. DEQ

Below is the Court order in BfP and BRPA vs. DEQ. In the post prior to this one, you can see the Press Release for the Blood Lane case.
Bitterrooters for Planning prevailed in its lawsuit against the Montana Department of Environmental Quality in the so-called “Blood Lane” case. You may recall this as the Wal-Mart case. Realtor Lee Foss had applied to DEQ for – and was granted – a wastewater discharge permit for the property at Blood Lane and Hwy. 93. The long standing rumor was that the permit was actually for a Wal-Mart, though that was never more than an unconfirmed rumor. Apparently (and incredibly) DEQ didn’t even know the identity of the actual operator of the permit. You’ll read a small reference to that in the attached court order. I’ve also attached the press release I sent out last night to local newspapers and print reporters.

Bitterrooters for Planning continues to advocate for sensible land use laws through public acceptance of a growth policy, and we will continue to shine a light on the falseness.

Read the entire document below
Read more…BLOOD-LANE-Order-on-Judicial-Review-5-16-16.pdf