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Montana Smart Growth Bill Synopsis 2/17/13

Here is the latest bill synopsis. The coming week includes hearings on the bad “regulatory taking bill” as well as the main bill dealing with the Subdivision for Lease or Rent issue. The exempt well debate will now move from the Senate Natural Resources Committee to the Senate Floor. MSGC will assist the many stakeholder groups working on a productive solution to this problem with the floor debate.

Good news from the past week includes the tabling of the anti-smart growth, anti-Agenda 21 resolution by the Senate Local Government Committee.

Legislators have just over a week to transmit most bills to the opposite chamber. This is why many of the land use bills that originated in the Senate have not been heard in the House yet.

Join the call at 11am on Monday for more info. The conference call number is 605-475-6230 passcode: 542-0539.

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