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Only a few minutes’ walk from the center of town, 澳门永利贵宾会 considers the town of Kent an extension of its campus.  Kent students greatly enjoy all the town has to offer and especially appreciate this added opportunity to explore their independence.  In the words of one Kent student,

I consider town a little escape after a busy day of classes, or on a beautiful morning after Chapel. It's a place where I can share a hot chocolate with a friend on a cold winter day, or enjoy my favorite sandwich before a big game. Kent is a unique place to begin with, but the town of Kent truly completes the community.

Not only do Kent students and teachers love the town and its many attractions, the town of Kent is considered one of New England’s most popular destinations. 洋基杂志 named Kent the top town in New England for fall foliage, recognizing Kent’s abundant natural beauty and the town’s rich cultural offerings, 艺术画廊, 商店, 餐厅, state and national parks which combine to make Kent a most sought after tourist spot. Kent was recently chosen as the most beautiful town in the state of Connecticut by Expedia and as one of the twenty best small towns in the U.S. by Smithsonian Magazine.

During the school day, students are welcome to walk into town to enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich with garlic-truffle fries, a cone of homemade ice cream, a freshly baked muffin, 一片披萨, an old-fashioned breakfast, or Chinese and Japanese food. Or perhaps students may prefer to stock up on groceries and supplies from the local grocery store.  When parents are in town, they may want to treat their son or daughter to a sit-down dinner at any number of fine dining establishments. Yet, food is not the only thing the town of Kent has to offer.  Kent is also home to an independent bookstore and there are twelve 艺术画廊, 服装店, and thrift 商店 as well.  古董店, 珠宝商店, 礼品商店, 一个鞋店, 五金店, 一个药剂师, a wild bird supply and a yarn shop round out the town’s offerings. 

If shopping or dining is not your heart’s desire, discover the area’s two covered bridges, walk the Appalachian Trail which runs through the campus and the town, or hike the trails at Kent Falls or Macedonia State Park.  The options are many in this quintessential New England town. 

澳门永利贵宾会 and the Town of Kent have enjoyed a most harmonious relationship for over 100 years. The strong association is not solely commercial, but one built on years of mutual respect and collegiality. Kent students often volunteer in town, raking leaves for elderly residents, campaigning for local politicians or spending time with patients at a local nursing home.  Kent students are often invited to participate in cultural events held in town such as the annual Halloween flash mob, 南瓜运行, or concerts offered at the neighboring Episcopal church. In turn, the 澳门永利贵宾会 chamber orchestra will perform at local venues throughout the year. Town residents are always welcome to attend concerts, dance recitals and theater performances held at the school. The Town is one of the school’s greatest assets and the Town of Kent certainly says the same of 澳门永利贵宾会.

From 洋基杂志-

 “The heart of the New England leaf-peeping experience lies in the details: the farm stands and covered bridges, the waterfalls and antiques stores that provide the eye candy, framed by the colors of our most glorious season” writes Michael Blanding, author of the article. “All of these things Kent has in abundance, in a perfect blend of uncommon natural beauty and culture that might shame cities 10 times its size (just shy of 3,000 people in the 2000 census).”

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