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Bitterrooters for Planning files suit over Commissioners approval of Legacy Ranch preliminary plat

If you have been following the story, you know that Bitterrooters for Planning filed suit in District Court last Tuesday over the Ravalli County BOCC approval of the preliminary plat for the proposed Legacy Ranch subdivision.

The lawsuit document(s) are contained in the Legacy Ranch page or click here.

Our suit asks for: (1) a declaratory judgement that the BOCC’s August 14, 2013 Preliminary Plat decision approving the Legacy Ranch Subdivision is contrary to law for the reasons detailed in the suit, and (2) an order setting aside the BOCC’s decision and directing the BOCC to require the subdivider to submit a new preliminary plat application and to comply with all requirements of the Montana subdivision and Platting Act and all applicable law before reaching a decision approving or denying the preliminary plat.

This lawsuit should be viewed as just a beginning. The anti-government, anti-planning, anti-community, private property rights at all costs, ideology currently holding sway in our local government is a recipe for disaster and must be replaced. While there may be additional lawsuits in the future, the real solution is in electing quality persons to the commission, securing a real Growth Policy, and in modifying our rules and regulations to protect the people rather than the developer!