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Legacy Ranch hearing to continue on June 27th

Ravalli County commissioners to continue Legacy Ranch deliberations

This is a reminder that the BOCC public hearing on Legacy Ranch will continue this Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Commissioner’s conference room on the 3rd floor, 215 South 4th street in Hamilton. The BOCC could make their decision on Thursday, but the hearing is extended to Friday, if needed.

At the previous session of this hearing on June 11th, the commissioners and the developer agreed that more time was needed to review submitted evidence and comments relative to the review criteria. This was at least partially because BFP has retained legal counsel (Jack Tuholske and Matt Clifford) and made it clear we will not allow this travesty to proceed without a fight. In response to BFP efforts and the general community-wide outcry opposing Legacy, the commissioners have also retained legal counsel to guide them and are proceeding very carefully! It is not clear whether their lawyer fees will be paid by MACO or by the County.

Every member of Bitterrooters for Planning should pay close attention to the commissioner’s deliberations on Thursday. You will see clearly how the subdivision regulations designed by our commissioners assure that preliminary plat applications are, at a minimum, approved with conditions if the developer has sufficient time and money. You will also see how really important, substantive, issues like traffic impacts, impacts on water quality and quantity, sewage disposal, etc are “kicked down the road” to DNRC, DEQ, and MDT. And, not least, you will understand that your voice has been minimized, that community values and rights are irrelevant, and that cumulative effects do not exist.

So, please attend the hearing if at all possible. Regardless of the BOCC decision, BFP is committed to pursuing comprehensive land-use planning in Ravalli County and we need as many folks as possible to get informed and motivated!

See you Thursday,


P.S. I submitted a Valley Viewpoint to the Republic last week. Check out the comments.